Wine of the Week: A Shocking Shiraz!!!

Shiraz 'The Sack', Smalltown Vineyards, Barossa Valley, Australia -£11.40  

If you think you know what a shiraz should taste like then try this! We've got it in for December and have even reduced it from £14.75.

This Shiraz is sourced from the finest available vineyard sites across the premium Northern Barossa Valley. Aged in a variety of French and American oak barrels different ages and sizes, such a good vintage that the new oak percentage is a little higher than normal, around 30%. Typical deep colour, dense sweet black berry fruits on the nose, has a lovely savoury almost meaty character with hints of black pepper, meat and oak. Black cherry and plum with a meaty savouriness, the long aging in oak means it's really well integrated and allows the fruit to shine. Long and rich with good acidity, and toasty oak on the finish.  

Size: 75cl             ABV: 14.5%          2017

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Thinking inside the giftbox:

XO Cognac, Maxim Trijol 70cl £122

1982 Vintage Tawny Port                                  Krohn Colheita £61

1999 Vintage Tawny Port                                 Krohn Colheita £24.00 (was 28.25)

2015 Vintage Franciacorta                              Ferghettina, Lombardy £27.85                 (was 35.50) 

Crisp Dry Whites

£64.42 - 6 bottles 10% off, down from                                           £71.58

Sancerre, Domaine, Michel Girard, France

Savatiano, 'Naturally', Papagiannakos, Greece

Sauvignon Blanc, Touraine, Domaine du Pré Baron, France

Sauvignon Vermentino, Pasquiers, Languedoc, France

Tempranillo Blanco, Ontanón, Spain

Verdejo, Diez Siglos, Spain

There are lots of refreshing guzzlers out there but here we've got six of the best. Some more traditional than others, some blends and one an accidental discovery (see the Blanco Tempranillo) but all delicious. 

Bueno Borsao!!!

£69 - 1 bottle of each from Bodegas                             Borsao's fantastic lineup

Bodegas Borsao, Campo de Borja, Spain

Macabeo Chardonnay, Seleccion Blanco

Garnacha Syrah, Seleccion Tinto

Garnacha Syrah 'Bole', oaked red

Shiraz 'Zarihs'

Garnacha, Tres Picos

Garnacha Syrah 'Cabriola'

Bodegas Borsao, a coop at the top of its game and justly famous for very quaffable and charming wine has been slowly developing its range to include some of the most charismatic single varietals and complex blends. 

Oh Merlot, where art thou?

£41.47 - 10% off, 6 bottle case

Andes Peaks Merlot, Emiliana, Chile

Peculiar Mr Pat Merlot, South East Australia

Les Oliviers Merlot Mourvedre, Languedoc, France

Sanvigilio Merlot, Cavit, Venezie, Italy

Adobe Reserva Merlot, Rapel Valley, Chile

Cape Heights Merlot, Western Cape, South Africa

Merlot is a versatile and adaptable variety, bless it's heart. It'll grow in most climates without making too much of a fuss and as such can display a variety of characters. These are all fine examples of the fruit along with the climate and terroir in question. A must for any merlot fan!

Ginny Gin Gin

£106.70 - 4 bottles, 10% off

Old Git Gin

Henners Cloudy Gin by the Rude Mechanicals

Henners English Summer Gin by the Rude Mechanicals

Henners Vineyard Gin by the Rude Mechanicals

Not that we've jumped on the gin band-wagon or anything but we're delighted with these examples from the makers of our favourite English fizz, Henners in East Sussex..

Mucho Malbec

£51 - 6 bottles 4 countries                    

Verne Malbec, Nieto, Mendoza, Argentina

Bellefontaine Malbec, Languedoc, 


The Bird Malbec, Showdown, California

Alberca Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

Stone's Throw Malbec, Victoria, Australia

Les Volets Malbec, Aude, France

Might have said "macho" too, but that would be silly. Mind you, it is a grape that likes to deliver plenty of in yer face fruit and flavour. Happily, this lot also offer up interest and style aplenty, while also honouring their country of origin. They are all good examples and together provide a Malbec fan some exciting anti-lockdown foreign travel.

An Organic Case

£125 - 12 bottles, 3 each of these four:    

Rosé Cotes de Provence, Chateau      Gairoird, France

Rioja Ecologica, Bodegas Ontanon,    Spain 

Merlot, "O" Range, Emiliana, Chile

Verdejo, Menade, Rueda, Spain

These are some of the best tasting organic wines we have discovered, each of them a fine example of its kind whether certified organic or not.

Modestly Fizzed

£118 - 12 bottles, 3 each of these four:    

Durello, Brut Spumante, Veneto, 

Cava, Brut, Mas Macia, Spain

Martinotti, Prosecco Brut, Veneto 

Lunetta, Sparkling Pink, Trentino

Guzzling sparklers from Italy and Spain that always do the job and persuade us there is cause for celebration. These are each stylish wines, worthy aperitifs as well as food friends and good to party..

Sauvignon Variety Case

£47.50 - 6 bottle case, all Sauvignon Blanc

Cape Heights, Western Cape, South Africa

Reserva Organic, Adobe, Chile

Tierra Alta, Valle Central, Chile

Bottega Vinai, Trentino, Italy

Bellefontaine, Vin de France, France

Domaine du Pré Baron, Loire, France

Known for its strong characteristics and flavours of citrus and stone fruit Sauvignon Blanc is actually very adaptable, allowing climate, environment and vinification to influence the complexity and character of this great fruit. Here we have six of our best. 

Ooh, Ontañón

£60.40- 6 bottles, 1 of each, down from                       £67.11

Bodegas Ontañón, Rioja Oriental, Spain 

Clarete Rosado

Tempranillo Blanco

Vetiver Blanco

Rioja Ecologica, Tinto, organic 

Rioja Crianza Tinto

Rioja Reserva 2010 Tinto 

From one of the most highly regarded wineries in Rioja, a selection of wines that will delight with every sip.

Organic Adobe

£47.20 - down from £52.44

10% off, 6 bottle case 

Adobe, Organic, Emiliana Chile

Chardonnay, Casablanca Valley

Viognier, Colchagua Valley

Pinot Noir, Valle de Bio-Bio

Merlot, Rapel Valley

Malbec, Rapel Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle Central

Emiliana is an award winning leading producer in Chile, priding themselves on selecting from the finest vineyards throughout the country. This new range shows what 'Organic' can really mean when it comes to purity and quality.

A Classy Christmas Case

£98 - 6 bottles

1  x Champagne Gremillet Brut Sélection                                     

2 x Chablis Vieilles Vignes,                                   Domaine de la Motte 2016       

2 x Claret Château Carcanieux,                            Cru Bourgeois Médoc 2015      

1 x Vintage Tawny Port, Krohn                             Colheita 2007

"Drinks before dinner, drinks with dinner, after dinner drinks...."  This should have you covered, though I'd anticipate post-prandial torpor. All excellent wines worthy of a special lunch and equal to the myriad flavours they will have to partner.

A Christmas Dozen 


Some of us will need quite a few festive bottles. This mix covers you for aperitifs, guzzling, guests (careful comma placement), roast fowl partnerships and helping digest the dessert. Your tonsils will thank you for them; each selection is a worthy example.

2 x Lunetta Prosecco Brut Spumante,          Cavit, Venezie, Italy

2 x Cotes de Gascogne, Maison de              Vigneron, France

2 x Grenache Syrah, Maison de                    Vigneron ,Vaucluse, Rhone, France

2 x Gavi, La Battistina, Piemonte, Italy

2 x Rioja Ecologica, Bodegas Ontanon,        Spain (organic)

1 x Moscato Passito, Araldica,                        Piemonte (half bottle dessert wine)

1 x LBV Port, Krohn 2013, Portugal

South African Heroes

£45 - 6 bottles, usual price £51

Cinsault Mourvèdre Rosé, False Bay

Chenin Blanc, False Bay 

Sauvignon Blanc 'Windswept', False Bay

Chardonnay, False Bay

Pinotage, False Bay

Syrah 'Old School', False Bay

Long heralded for its quality, style and  value for money, the False Bay range deserves our making much of. This box offers a notable and winning survey of Cape quality.

Cabernet, Showdown, Man with the Ax

Cabernet Sauvignon

£49.50 - 6 bottles, just the one wine,                     10% off single bottle price

One of the most popular Wines of the Week, so maybe a good thought to offer it up like this? If you need any reminding, it is fine stuff - pure, well ripened and carefully blended Cabernet grapes aged for six months in American oak, resulting in a very persuasive ad for Californian reds, not a monster (only 13.5%) but rich and flavour-layered. 

The Listening Station

£42 - 6 bottles, 2 of each, down from £45.24




From Victoria, inspired by the Australian night sky, these are all three forward, very pleased to meet you types, heart on their sleeve, but with a fruity depth that is hard to resist.

Lesser Spotted Spaniards

£96 - 12 bottles, 3 each of these four:      

Rosado, Bodegas Borsao

Verdejo Diez Siglos, Rueda

Garnacha Seleccion, Bodegas                Borsao

Monastrell Albacea, Jumilla 

Lesser known and strange-sounding names often means lower prices and higher value, as is the case here: each of these wines delivers and impresses.

Piemonte Please

£140 - 12 bottles, 3 each of these four:       

Sauvignon Blanc, Camillona

Gavi, La Battistina

Barbera d'Asti, Ceppi Storici

Barolo, Flori, Araldica

The Piemonte region of North West Italy is home to some of the world's finest wine producers, famous for many types of bold robust reds as well as unctuous elegant whites. Without pushing the purse too far, we hope, here is a selection that should give an idea what the fuss is about.

Juicy, Fruity Reds

£45.08 - 10% off 6 bottle case

Gamay, Uva non Grata, France

Sangiovese, Ancora, Italy

Cinsault, Selon Létang, France

Merlot, Domaine Mas Bahourat, France

Syrah (Shiraz), 'Old School', False Bay, South Africa

Tempranillo, Rioja, Vega del Rayo, Spain

Making the most of the fruit and delicately extracting beautiful flavours can be a delicate balance. Whether it's cherry, berry or currants these single varietals have juicy fruit in spades.

Princely Pasquiers

£39 - 6 bottles, 2 of each

Pasquiers, Languedoc, France, 2019

Sauvignon Vermentino

Grenache Noir


The Languedoc region in southern France is a major wine producer that stretches from Provence to the Pyrenees mountains and the Spanish border. It's a beautiful and eclectic region and these extremely good value quaffs are fine examples of its produce.

Time-honoured & Special

£120 - 6 bottles, 2 of each

Chateauneuf du Pape, Domaine Chante Cigale 2017, Rhone, France

Grand Cru St Emilion, Clos de la Cure 2015, Bordeaux, France

Rioja Reserva, Bodegas Ontanon 2010, Rioja, Spain

Some wines have a perennial following and deserve it too. We are very fond of these three. Vintage after vintage, they have inspired and delighted. Each tastes very much as it should, but with elegant restraint - no power-packing, no showing off, just class. See the individual items for details.

Tierra Alta, Chile

£42 - 6 bottles, 2 of each, down                    from £45.24

Pinot Noir


Cabernet Sauvignon                            

From one of the best performing Chilean estates, a trio of unoaked reds, each expressive, soft and pure in flavour - tonsil ticklers to a man.

Reds with Attitude

£65 - 6 bottle case, all red, all taste

Grenache Syrah, 'Cabriola', Bodegas Borsao, Spain

Cabernet Franc, Domaine Mas Barrau, Gard, France

Shiraz, The Black Craft, Smalltown Vineyards, Australia

Malbec, Les Volets, Limoux, France

Tinta del Pais (Tempranillo), Pinna Fidelis, Roble, Ribero del Duero, Spain

Gamay, Brouilly, Le Cru de Volcan, Beaujolais, France

Why not some unctuous reds to sit by the fire with? All very different, certainly, but all big, bold and fine examples. With three French, two Spanish and an Australian why not impress some friends?

Proper Prosecco

£53.70 - 10% off for 3 white & 3 Pink

Lunetta Prosecco Brut Spumante

Lunetta Rosé Brut Spumante

From Cavit, based in Trentino, the mountainous North-East of Italy, and one of Europe's foremost cooperatives over many years, here are two far from cynical, good quality fizzes, delicate, vibrant, fresh and worthy of celebration.

Chilean Duet

£40 - 6 bottles, 3 of each                             

Merlot, Mucho Mas

Sauvignon Blanc, Mucho Mas

The name means "much more" and I hope you'll agree that while good to guzzle, both these offerings have bags of mouthfilling character, much more than their price.

Classic House Wines

£79 - 12 bottles, 3 each of these four:              

Cotes de Gascogne, Sentier dans les Vignes, France

Grenache Syrah, Sentier dans les Vignes, France

Sauvignon Blanc, Camino de la Cabana, Chile

Merlot, Camino de la Cabana, Chile

One of the hardest things in the wine world is to make wines suitable for everyday drinking that not only impress and demand compliments but do so day after day. The above are excellent examples of their genre.

The BBQ 6

£46 - 3 red 2 rosé 1 white:                            

Shiraz, Seriti, Cape, South Africa

Merlot, Peculiar Mr.Pat, Australia

Garnacha, Borsao, Spain

Rosé La Grande Plage, Languedoc

Rosé de Grenache, Languedoc

Verdejo, Diez Siglos, Rueda, Spain

Just because BBQ flavours tend to be strong doesn't mean the wine should lack character, and these certainly don't.. Robust enough to manage the charred solids and yet add to the gustatory experience through developed and succulent flavours, these bottles should be welcomed at any ritual burning.

Saving SA Wine

£47.50 - 6 bottles, 2 of each

Plenty of smashing wine being made in South Africa, but drastic Covid impacts on export and production are causing serious damage to the industry. Best we support it by buying some, and here are a trio of charmers we'd recommend. 6 bottle case, 2 bottles each of the 3.

Sauvignon Blanc, Cape Heights

Cinsault Mourvedre Rosé, False Bay

Cinsault, Mantelpiece